Congratulations to the team HoChockiGon

The final results are on the team list page, and you can view the photos in the gallery.

Here is the short video of the finals: YouTube

  1. HoChockiGon (Poland) - 6 163 points
  2. PrecisionScrewdrivers (Poland) - 5 449 points
  3. Charles_University_Legion (Slovakia & Czech Republic) - 5 347 points
  4. MagowiePsychodeliczn... (Poland) - 4 945 points
  5. IlI (Spain) - 4 807 points
  6. aimfund (Russia) - 4 711 points

Hungarian Cup 2015

Congratulations to the team Sparrows

You can download the problem set here.


Pictures | Hardware task stream

Pictures of Jubilee 15th Challenge24 - 2015

Live stream (recorded)


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Free-time Activites

June 23-24

June 25: Thursday

June 26: Friday

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June 26: Friday

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June 28: Saturday


Electronic Contest

Congratulations to the team HoChockiGon!


Electronic Contest

28th February 10:00-15:00 (CET)

Problem set: please download the encrypted problem set from one of the mirrors listed here!

Passwords to the zip will be published exactly at 10:00 CET (first on IRC).

Outer password: Eegaema1Eo6a

Inner password: HeiPh8ohv5ph

Input 7-10 for task F


Preliminary Electronic Contest results

Congratulations to the team epiphallar_caecum!


Preliminary Electronic Contest

21st February, 10:00-20:00 CET

Problem set


Challenge24 and Deadline24

Get ready for TWO EXTREME challenges!

Have you got enough time? The 7th Deadline24 is waiting for you, a day after our Challenge24 Electronic Contest.

Application deadline: 26th February, 2015 (as Challenge24 ;-) ).


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Jubilee Challenge 24 in 2015

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