Prologue: Managing World Security

Not all citizens are lawful these days - there are criminals, terrorists, axes of evil, and many Very Bad People in general. Fortunately large, international organizations such as WSA (World Security Agency) take care of your security. To do so, WSA needs to employ sophisticated means of espionage, including a few methods that are related to information technology.

This Electronic Contest is part of a test program that aims to use community resources in aid of the WSA Anti-Evil Spying Operations.

Disclaimer: the WSA does not interfere with the best interest of lawful citizens. All operations are targeted on Evil People. If you're Good, you don't have anything to be afraid of!

Task Summary

Task Score Scoring type Wrong answer penalty Delay Input format
A. Safe 1000 time -5 points 0 text
B. Wiretapping 1000 time -5 points 0 text
C. Visual Programming VM 500 time -2 points 60s text
D. Visual Programming 2000 time -5 points 60s text
E. Travelling 1000 time -5 points 0 text
F. Forensics 1000 time -5 points 0 wav
G. Spy Union 1000 time -5 points 0 text
H. Tile Design 1000 proportional -5 points 0 text
I. Crowd Control 1000 time -5 points 0 text
J. Image compression 1000 competitive 0 points 60s png

For each task there is a dedicated irc channel for questions: #a, #b, #c, #d, #e, #f, #g, #h, #i, #j.