Q. Soundplot

You receive a set of encrypted audio messages from a secret admirer. Listening to the sounds yields nothing but a headache, but you have a knack that you would get something intelligible if you plotted each message as a drawing.


The messages are all stereo .wav files. Each channel carries an incessant beeping sound that varies in pitch. You should draw a 2D plot, using the frequency of the left channel as the X coordinate, and the frequency of the right channel as the Y coordinate. (The frequencies map linearly to euclidean space.)


For each input, you should send the message that you can (or can not) read on the resulting plot. Capitalization and punctuation do matter, as does the placement of whitespace (but the count and kind of whitespace doesn't).


This task has exact scoring - you either get a submission right, or don't. Correct submissions are worth 100 points - incorrect submissions are penalized -5 points.