Motorcycles and Gang Life

A couple of weeks ago one of the regular problem set team meetings was crashed by a real life motorcycle gang. One of them - who looked to be the leader, since he sported the most facial hair and body modifications - started explaining something to us with extreme vehemence.

It took us some time to start to understand him, since as software developers, mathematicians and engineers, we were very intimidated by his powerful persona and leadership skills. Having finally attained a rapport, he clarified that he was called Bertie, and his gang would request to employ the considerable talents of Challenge24 finalists to solve a bunch of problems for him and his gang.

His tasks looked fun enough, and it was conspicuously easy to adapt them to our existing problem ideas; we accepted his conditions very quickly. We can only hope you will all find the tasks agreeable.

Enjoy & have fun,
  - The Organizers